FSSA Information

Direct Service Workforce Grant

AccessiCare is excited to announce that the Family and Social Service Administration (FSSA) is offering a grant to assist with caregiver retention to companies that participate in the Medicaid Waiver program. Since AccessiCare is a company that participates in the Medicaid Waiver Program in assisting clients throughout the community, the AccessiCare Management team has applied for this grant to be applied toward retaining employees. If AccessiCare is awarded this grant, FSSA will be give the payments in 3 equal amounts to the company. AccessiCare plans to spend 95% or more on caregiver bonuses and paying for the payroll taxes that will be charged to cover the bonuses. The first portion of the grant is expected to be received in January 2023, the second portion in the Spring of 2023 (possibly March 2023) and the third portion in the Summer of 2023 (possibly June 2023). The amount of the caregiver bonuses will be determined by the average number of hours the caregiver works each week; such as 1-10 hours, 11-20 hours, 21-30 hours, 31-40+ hours. If AccessiCare is awarded this grant, caregivers will be notified by email/text when each bonus will be paid in their paycheck. If anyone has any questions regarding the grant, please email Debra at [email protected].